Baileigh Auxiliary Machine - AG-20


Sheet metal shops are requiring machine to do more and more these days in order to compete with all the prefabricated pieces that are being made.  The only problems with those pieces are that in a lot of cases they do not work in existing building where everything is not perfect.  In comes the AG-20 roll former form Baileigh Industrial.  With its 20 gauge mild steel capacity, this do it all machine is a two sided roll former that has many options available to help any HVAC shop in all its jobs. And with a speed of approximately 40 feet per minute, the AG-20 can get it done.

The AG-20 features a 5 HP motor that operates on single phase power.  Important features of the AG-20 that make is different than other machines on the market are its hinged table top and square drive shafts for easy access to change out a complete roll set quickly and easily.  Quick change tooling, which is one of the key components of the AG-20, requires no keys or tools, and quick jam clearing. This double sided machine has the ability to form six different profiles with optional tooling.  Tooling available includes 6 in 1, Right Angle, Drive Cleat, ACME Double Seam, Male Button Lock, and Female Button Lock.

Speed40 fpm / 12.2 mpm
Motor5 hp
Capacity (Mild Steel)20 - 26 ga.
Power220V / 1-phase
Shipping Weight600 Lbs
Shipping Dimensions60" x 44" x 68"