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      Includes Onsite Training*

    Our CNC Laser Table - FL-510HD-500 has the structural strength to handle 5’ x 10’ sheets. Its 500 watt fiber laser is ideal for production runs. It arrives fully assembled and comes with software.


    • Efficient 500 wat fiber laser
    • Includes chiller, air dryer and exhaust system
    • Runs on 220-volt three-phase power.
    • Control the X, Y, and Z axis movement from the sturdy podium with large console screen and keypad.
    • Includes easy-to-learn design software that you can load into any basic PC (more details below).
    • Delta® brushless servo motors, controlled by Delta® servo motion controllers, drive the gantry.
    • Industrial-grade gantry travel system for the X, Y & Z axis made from extremely rigid extruded aluminum.
    • Gantry can move out of the way for a full 10-foot sheet during loading, minimizing the chance of machine damage.
    • High gantry (one of the highest in the industry) lets you clearly see its movement for better adjustment and control.
    • Axes ride on heavy-duty ground and polished square shafts.
    • Wiper dies on shafts keep welding dust out of the slide for a smooth transfer without noisy friction caused by dirt build-up.
    • Our design reduces the risk of damaging the table while loading or pinching your forklift.
    • Weigh an impressive 6600 lbs.
    • Fully-welded boxed tubing construction can easily support the weight of maximum capacity material.
    • Steel framework will hold its shape and stay accurate for decades, unlike many competitors’ aluminum frames, which buckle and warp under heat.
    • Pre-built table saves you time and effort. The alignment is already set up and correct when it arrives.
    • Covered by a 1-year parts warranty.
    • You’ll benefit from lifetime technical support by phone. Call up one of our experienced reps whenever you need troubleshooting.


     For more detailed information on the FL-510-500 Fiber Laser Table, click here.



    bobCad cam

    The CNC Laser Table - FL-510HD-500 comes standard with BobCAD-Cam Express programming software. You can design or plot out your project on any computer and load the laser table via a USB drive.  To learn more or download a free trial, click the BobCAD-Cam logo above.

    Questions? Call us at 1-877-528-2809 and talk to a Baileigh expert.


    *Onsite training includes pre-run inspection and operation training for a maximum of 3 days. If more time is needed it will be billed separately.  Does not include initial placement and set-up of machine.  

    Item Number


    Max. Material Thickness


    Rated Output

    500 watts

    Travel Speed

    2600 Inches Per Minute

    Table Dimensions

    9.8' x 4.9'

    Cooling System



    Servo Motor


    220V 3-phase

    Shipping Weight

    6600 lbs.

    Special Notes

    Includes Chiller and Air Dryer

    Type of Laser


    Laser Wavelength

    1025 - 1080nm

    Laser Input Power

    N/A (Wired into the Table)

    Minimum Cutting Width



    BobCAD Cam Express

    Shipping Dimensions

    180" x 94" x 90"

    * specifications subject to change without notice.