Baileigh Finger Brake BB-15722

$14,195.00 $14,000.00

Are you looking for a box and pan brake for those jobs that require an extra long run, look no further than the BB-15722 finger brake form Baileigh Industrial?  The BB-15722 sheet metal brake has an overall bend length of 157” or 13’ and can handle sheet metal up to 22 gauge mild steel.  The nice thing about the 13’ length is that many odd shapes can be bent on full 4 x 8 sheet of metal with room to spare, even corner to corner bending.

33 interchangeable fingers of varying lengths are included with the BB-15722 finger brake allowing the operator to make just about any size box or pan imaginable up to a 6” box depth.  You can even set up the fingers to do multiple bends along the length of the brake.  Two large counter bending weights to help the operator bend at full length are also included with the BB-15722 box and pan brake. 

Built to the exacting standards that Baileigh Industrial has set forth, the BB-15722 box and pan brake will last for years, with its fully welded frame and high quality components.

Min Reverse Bend.625"
Thickness (SS)22 ga. (26 ga.)
Box Depth6"
Beam Adjustment1"
Bend Angle0 – 135°
Finger Sizes3" – 4" – 5" – 6"
Shipping Weight5,940 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions185" x 36" x 48"