Baileigh Hydraulic Ironworker SW-623

$17,195.00 $17,000.00

The SW-62 ironworker from Baileigh Industrial is the next step in Baileigh Industrial hydraulic ironworkers.  It takes the concept of the SW-50 and adds a little more power or capacity.  This 62 ton has industry leading features, such as vertical movement for all stations and oversized work tables. The heavy duty, versatile design of the SW-62 iron worker offers 62 tons of true vertical pressure to each of its five integrated stations, making the SW-62 able to power through most any requirement that may arise.  The vertical movement of the SW-62 prolongs tooling life by producing less deformation and cleaner cuts than the competition.  The SW-62 iron worker is manufactured to the highest standards in the industry, ensuring a lifetime of use in any environment.

The SW-62 is available in both single and three phase power versions depending on your power requirements. Making this hydraulic ironworker is the perfect addition to any fabrication or machine shop where punching, shearing and notching is required.

The Baileigh Industrial SW-62 steel worker comes standard with seven sets of round punch and die sets, oversized working tables, quick change punch system, wastebaskets, swing away material stripper, back gauge, and much more.  Giving the SW-62 the best bang for the buck in its class.

Round Bar Shear1.5"
Rectangle Notcher W x D x T2" x 3.5" x .312"
Single Vee Press Brake L x T6.312" x .312"*
Punch Capacity1.125" x .625"
Punching Pressure62 Tons
Pipe Notching2.5"
Multi Vee Press Brake L x T9.875" x .156"*
Notching Working Height40"
Throat Depth8"
Vee Notcher Side x Side x T3.5" x 3.5" x .312"*
Working Height39.5"
Square Bar Shear1.5" x 1.5"
Channel Shear4"*
Bar Shearing Working Height44"
Angle Shearing Working Height40"
Angle Shearing at 90°4" x 4" x .375"
Angle Bending2.5" x .312"*
Angle Flange Trim4"
Blade Length14.125"
I Beam Shear4"*
Max. Stroke Length2"
Cycles / Min.28 @ 15 mm
Flat Bar Shearing13.50" x .625"
Flat Shearing Working Height31.5"
Power5 HP - 220V 3-Phase
Shipping Weight2,310 lbs.