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    Are you sick of outsourcing your square and rectangle mandrel bends?  Are you tired of waiting up to 16 weeks for your frame rails?  Do you want more control of your own quality, inventory and lead times?

    The MB-4X2 has revolutionized the square and rectangle mandrel bending market by providing an American Made bending solution at an affordable price. Geared towards the automotive frame rail market, this compact mandrel bender is a fraction of the size and cost of traditional bending solutions.  Some of the great features are as follows;

    • Capable of bending to 100°
    • Many tooling options capable of bending rectangle the hard way, and easy way, square and round materials, this tube bender is about as versatile as it gets.

    • A full size color touchscreen allows easy programming and endless memory via external USB. Once programmed, the auto sequencing hydraulics eliminate any chance of human error.

    • Early mandrel retraction ensures a smooth bend every time and the encoder based auto-stop is extremely accurate at a speed of 5-10 second @ 90 degrees.

    • An endless tooling library and several table length options, the bender can be customized and engineered around your bending needs.

    • 220V three phase power

    Don't forget to order the perfect table legth for you application!  

    Tables can be found here:

    MB4X2-10 MANDREL TABLE FOR MB-4X2 (10') - $5,595.00

    MB4X2-20 MANDREL TABLE FOR MB-4X2 (20') - $10,395.00

    Item Number


    Working Table Size

    Depends on length chosen

    Bend Capacity Square

    3" x 3" x 11ga.

    Degree of Bend (Max)


    Rectangle Capacity

    2" x 4" x 11ga. Hardway

    Bend Direction


    Max. Bend Speed

    90° in 5 seconds

    Max. Clr


    Max. Hydraulic Pressure

    3000 psi.

    Hydraulic Motor

    5 hp


    220V / 3-phase

    Shipping Weight

    3000 lbs

    Special Notes

    Must purchase appropriate table in order for machine to function properly!

    * specifications subject to change without notice.