Baileigh Manual Slip Roll Machine SR-2420M


Small bench top slip rolls have their place in most fabrication shops.  In a lot of cases, these compact machines are more efficient to use when working on smaller projects.  The SR-2420M manual roll former fits that description perfectly.  It has the capacity to roll 20 gauge mild steel over its entire 24” length.

The SR-2420M, like all Baileigh Industrial slip rolls are built to last.  It features a fully integrated frame that helps keep all three rolls in alignment to ensure the best possible results.  It even incorporates a lever mechanism that helps open up the top roll when the form is complete.  It even has three wire grooves for those jobs that require wire forming.

Forming Width24"
Upper Roll Dia.2"
Minimum Forming Dia3"
Wire GroovesYes
Capacity (Mild Steel)20 ga.
Shipping Weight220 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions44" x 15" x 21"