Baileigh Precision Metal Lathe PL-2080

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When size of your lathe does matter, look at the PL-2080 precision metal lathe from Baileigh Industrial.  This engine lathe has an ample 20" swing over bed with 80" between centers and a powerful 15HP motor.  This powerful motor turns the precision gear head with different 12 speeds to a range of rpms from 20 to 1500.  Everything about the PL-2080 says power.

The body of the PL-2080 is made from the best cast iron to ensure a rigid and stable platform in which to work.  The cast pieces are fully integrated with the head stock, making sure every joint is tight.  The ways are polished and have integrated wipers to keep them moving like the day they were new for years to come.

But just because this is one monster of a machine, don’t think we forgot the features.  The PL-2080 precision metal lathe comes with Mitutoyo® 2 axis digital readout system, 12" 3-jaw universal chuck, longitudinal rapid traverse , 10" back plate, coolant system, steady rest, follow rest, headstock chuck guard with micro switch, micrometer saddle stop, rear splash guard, and halogen work light.

Speed20 – 1550 rpm
Spindle Bore3.125"
Spindle NoseD1-8"
Threads Diametrical Qty Speed50 / 4–112 D.P.
Threads Imperial Qty Speed60 / 2–112 T.P.I.
Threads Metric Qty Speed60 / .2–14 mm pitch
Threads Module Qty Speed50 / .2-7 M.P.
Spindle Taper SleeveMorse #5
Spindle Taper NoseMorse #7
Tailstock Quill Dia2.9375"
Tailstock Quill TaperMorse #5
Tailstock Quill Travel6.3125"
Compound Rest Travel10"
Center Length80.313"
Center Height10"
Bed Width16.125"
Longitudinal Feeds Metric Qty Speed50 / .037 – .983 mm / rev.
Main Motor15 hp
Longitudinal Feeds Imperial Qty Speed50 / .0014" – .0387" / rev.
Lead Screw Diameter1.5"
Lead Screw Thread Pitch4 T.P.I.
Max. Swing In Gap Length7.0625"
Max. Swing Over Bed20"
Max. Swing Over Cross Slide13"
Max. Swing In Gap Dia26.375"
Cross Feeds Imperial Qty Speed50 / .0007" – .01935" / rev.
Cross Feeds Metric Qty Speed50 / .0185 – .52 mm / rev.
Cross Slide Travel12.5"
Power220V / 3-phase
Shipping Weight6,050 lbs.
Distance Between Centers80"
Shipping Dimensions121" x 54" x 67"