• Baileigh Reciprocating Hammer PH-19

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    Baileigh industrial is making metal forming easier and more available to the masses with the economical PH-19 reciprocating power hammer.  The Baileigh Industrial PH-19 power hammer would be a great addition to any shop that has to form metal fast.  The PH-19 is considered to be the little brother to the Baileigh Industrial MH-19 multi hammer.  They took what they learned from the best hammer on the market, the MH-19 multi hammer, and created what they consider to be the best reciprocating hammer period.  The PH-19 can do many of the same functions as theMH-19, shrink, stretch, dome, edge turn, bead, offset, but at a price that fits any budget.  What is even better is that the PH-19 also accepts a lot of the readily available MH-19 tooling.

    The PH-19 uses a 110V motor to produce 1700 beats per minute and enough force to shape 16 gauge mild steel.  It also has a 19” deep throat to allow for even the most unique shaping designs.  A tooling quick release handle allows the operator to start working in the middle of the panel with keeping the working pressure constant.  A quick release bottom tooling holder makes life on the operator easy by making tooling changes a breeze.

    Contact a Baileigh Industrial customer service representative for more information on the PH-19 or any of the other great Baileigh Industrial products.

    Speed0 - 1700 beats / minute
    Mild Steel Capacity16 ga.
    Tooling Height Adjustment5"
    Throat Depth19"
    Capacity (Mild Steel)16 ga.
    Aluminum Capacity12 ga.
    Shipping Weight1,000 lbs.
    Shipping Dimensions60" x 48" x 84"