Birmingham Hydraulic Shear - H-5210

$10,500.00 $9,500.00

Birmingham 52" X 10 GAUGE Hydraulic Shear - H-5210

A rugged frame, tool steel blades, quality workmanship and outstanding design techniques combine to provide a useful tool with a long dependable life. Safety features include finger guard and front arm extensions. A full integrated 3HP hydraulic pump & tank unit mounted under the sheer bed. Double acting cylinders with sealed lines, pressure relief valve and electrically operated hydraulic valve complete the system. Structural braces are provided for added rigidity an for support for hydraulic system. electric controls include a remote foot switch, motor starter, transformer and selector for single stroke or continuous operation. The upper arm returns to the top of the stroke from any position if the operator removes his foot from the guard foot switch. 

Standard Equipment
1) High carbon, high chrome alloy-tool steel blades. 4-edge bottom blade, 2-edge upper blade.
2) Finger guard
3) Back guage
4) Front guage
5) Side guage
6)Spring actuated holddown bar to ensure even presure
7) Fully dydraulic system and safety overload protection system (powered shear only) 

Air Powered Shear
Air powered shears combine all the features of our foot shears with the productive advantage and convenience of air operation. A foot-operated air valve control, pressure regulator, oiler/condenser cups and neoprene holddown feet are standard features. 

Capacity mild steel14GA10GA
Back guage range24"24"
Front guage range24"24"
Bed length52"52"
Motor3 HP3 HP
Shipping weight1900 lbs.3000 lbs.