Birmingham Radial Drills - TPR-820A

$9,845.00 $8,995.00

Limit safety device is available to assure security while operating. High speed gears are made of Nickel-Chrome steel and through the process of heat treatment and grinding. Extra auxiliary dial for spindle feed depth indication. With this indicator, we can review the momental feed depth of spindle 1 through 200mm at any movement. Special mechanism for spindle balance. With this mechanism, we can save lots of headache to avoid the defect on breaking of balance spring. And it is more durable than all Taiwan made traditional balance mechanisms. 2 HP power motor is available for heavy duty cutting.
Drilling Steel...........1-1/2"
  Cast Iron..........2"
Tapping Steel............1"
  Cast Iron............1-1/4"
Boring: Steel..........2-3/4"
  Cast Iron.........4-1/16"
Equipped with: Box Table, Coolant Pump, Work Lamp, Wrenchs & tools

Dia. of column8-1/4"
Distance from column surface to spindle center Max.29-1/2"33-1/2"37-3/8"
Distance from column surface to spindle center Min.8-5/8"
Travel of spindle head20-7/8"24-7/8"28-3/4"
Distance from base surface to spindle end Max.41-3/4"47-5/8"47-5/8"
Distance from base surface to spindle end Min.9-5/8"13-3/4"13-3/4"
Elevating height of arm23-13/1625-9/16"25-9/16"
Effective area of box table23-58" x 17-1/2" x 15"
Dimensions base49-5/8" x 25-3/16" x 6-9/32"
Taper hole spindleMT#4
Stroke of spindle8-1/4"
RPM of spindle (RPM x steps)88, 154, 282, 455, 769, 1500x6
Feed of spindle (rev x steps)0.05, 0.09, 0.15"x3(0.002",0.0035",0.006")
Main motor (HP)2
Elevating motor (HP)1
Coolant equipment(HP)1/8
Machine height from floor85-7/16"91-3/8"91-3/8"
Net weight (approx.)2640 lbs.2860 lbs.2970 lbs.