Duro Dyne LS-5 Liner

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Manufacturer: Duro Dyne Hand Tools HVAC Sheet Metal
Item: Duro Dyne 28075 LS5 Liner Sizer for 60 inch Duct Liner Insulation 
Description: Duro Dyne 28075 LS5 Standard Liner Sizer for 60 inch Duct Liner Insulation. Capacity: 60" wide duct liner. For 1/2" to 2" thick liner. Manual Insulation Cutter slits fiberglass insulation to length and width. Operator feeds the insulation with a crank handle to the desired length. An adjustable slitter blade automatically cuts to desired width. The operator then pulls the crosscut blade across the machine and removes the sized insulation. Includes one cross cut blade to cut the insulation to length and one cutter to the width. Sheet metal insulation cutter for duct work.
Item Number: Duro Dyne LS5 Liner Sizer