• Duro Dyne Pinspotter MF-12A

    $4,550.00 $4,500.00

    MF-12A COMPACT PINSPOTTER - Call us for more info 877-528-2809

    The MF-12 welds BDEP, CTC, SSP, CP, FTC, PN or LN type fasteners to ductwork up to 20 gauge. It requires 220 volt, 50 to 60 hz service fused for 30 amps. Place a pin on the magnetic tip. Insert the pin through the insulation, give the pin a 1/4 twist, and depress the trigger switch. For LN type fasteners use a TPL2 tip. For PN type fasteners use a TP2 tip.

    Duro Dyne MFA has been the standard for entry level “through insulation” welders for over 30 years. Proven performance and high reliability have made the MF a “Must Have” for any sheet metal shop which does occasional insulating. Duro Dyne now introduces the MF12, building on that history, and creating a new pinspotter with greater power and versatility. Special design welding transformers allow the MF12 to deliver more power, precisely timed to the welding tip. The new MF12 will weld pins from ½ inch to 2 inches long on steel from 26 to 20 gauge. Proven solid-state weld control circuitry guarantees years of reliable, trouble-free service in your shop.

    Compact design for easy handling 

    Standard 8 foot gun cable and 6 foot ground cable 

    “Easy read” weld timer for precise control Panel mounted test switch and indicator lights for easy troubleshooting.

    Proven Solid State controls

    ELECTRICAL: Input voltage: 208-230 V 60 HZ 

    single phase. 30 amp service 

     Dimensions: Height: 11 inches 

    Width: 11 inches 

    Depth: 17 inches