• Edwards Jaws Jr. 25 ton Ironworker

    $6,399.00 $6,000.00

    Edwards Jaws Jr. 25 ton Ironworker

    The Jaws Jr 25 ton Ironworker is made for small shops but offers big capabilities. Featuring two available workstations, the Jaws Jr. incorporates a universal open tooling cavity along with a heavy duty punch station.

    Like all Edwards machines, this unit works in a completely vertical motion - straight down on the work. There is no arc of tool against the material to be cut or punched. Both stations operate as a unit so you can move between stations without changing or adding any new equipment.

    Machine is shown with the optional Multi-shear tool in the open station. 


    1 year manufacturer's warranty 

    Part #: Jaws25
    Ships From: Factory shipped
    Availability: Limited stock - Call for availability

    Stations: 2
    Rated Capacity (tons): 25
    Punching Capacity (Std): 1 inch diameter in 5/16 plate
    Punching Throat Depth (inches): 5.5
    Punching Work Height (inches): 38.5
    Open Station Work Height (inches): 35.75
    Throat Depth (inches): 5
    Open Height (inches): 8
    Shut Height (inches): 7
    Brake Capacity (inches): 8
    Stroke (inches): 1
    Motor (Std): 1 hp, 1725 rpm
    Hydraulics: 11 gpm - 2 stage
    Valve Pressure: 2200 psi
    Reservoir Capacity: 3 gallon
    Cylinder: 1-3/4 inch ram
    Weight (pounds): 1000
    Dimensions (LxWxH): 29 x 23 x 55


    • 2 stations
    • Universal open tooling station
    • Punching station: 1 inch thru 5/16 plate