• GMC Locking Former Pittsburgh Type - PL-16E

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    GMC Locking Former Pittsburgh Type

    • ISO 9001 certified
    • Heavy welded all steel construction for maximum rigidity
    • Standard round flange attachment, double seam roll, and drive cleat roll
    • ACME side can be operated at same time
    • Heavy duty castor wheels for easy moving
    • One year warranty for parts

    INCLUDES:  comes with power flanger FA-20E, DCR-20E & DSR-20E as standard


    • Standard Pittsburgh Attachment # PA-16E, installed
    • Power Flange Attachment # FA-16E, installed
    • Drive Cleat Roll # DCR-16E, installed
    • Double Seam Roll # DSR-16E, installed


    • 2 in 1 roll set #RAR/SSR20 for right angle roll #RAR-20E and standing seam roll #SSR-20E, (Call) - 877-528-2809