• Hossfeld Bender UNIVERSAL Model No. 2 School/Shop Package Order No 46025

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    Order No. 46025UNIVERSAL Model No. 2 School/Shop Package
    525 lbs

    Ships Class 85   40 X 48 X 33

    Hossfeld School & Shop Bender for Schools, Instructional, and All Well-Equipped Shops

    The School & Shop Bender is an ideal starter package for school shops, vocational schools, art departments, machine shops, maintenance departments, or anyone who wants a complete "Hossfeld" bender package with starter tooling for Tube, Pipe, Flat, Bar, Angle Iron, Scrolls, and ornamental work. Ideal for instruction – lets students learn metalworking skills and complete projects with hands-on experience. We are a trusted name, and have supplied benders to schools, vo-techs, and universities for over 35 years. Specially priced — you'd pay more if you bought all items separately.

    Also great for fabricators, welding, and machine shops – with a well-equipped "Hossfeld" bender, you'll have the tools you need to complete jobs. Start with the basic package, and add tooling as your shop grows.


    • Solid steel UNIVERSAL™ Bender is virtually indestructible
    • Heat-treated for durability, stands up to years of use
    • Pedestal stand lets you mount and go
    • Multi-functional tooling for teaching metal bending
    • Easy-install dies drop in place with pins; no wrenches
    • Bender is fully assembled — 1-year limited warranty right out of the box
    • Available hydraulic power unit ads up to 1000 psi


    • Round OD Tube up to 2"
    • Square Tube up to 1-1/2"
    • Schedule 40 Pipe up to 2"
    • Rectangular Tube
    • Angle Iron
    • Flat
    • Bars
    • Scrolls


    • Model No. 2 Bender
    • Pedestal Stand
    • General Purpose Toolset for Bending Pipe
    1/4" – 2" Pipe, Angles, Offsets, U-Bends
    • General Purpose Toolset for Bending Bar
    Flat & Bar, Angles, Offsets, Rings, Eyes
    • 60B Bulldozer Die Set
    Square Bends; Closed Eyes
    • School Toolset for Bending Angle Iron, Leg-In
    Master Die +15" radius die
    • School Toolset for Bending Angle Iron, Leg-Out
    Master Die + 5", 7", 18",  & 24" radius dies
    • One 180º OD Tube Die Set
    3/4" OD x 2" CLR
    • 64B Scroll Die, 2-1/2" Diameter Single-turn
    2-1/2" Scrolls in Flat or Bar
    • 51B2 Edgebend Die Set
    Master Die + 5", 7", 18", 24" Radius Dies
    • 51B3 Edgebend 1/4" Spacer Set
    Adjusts for Narrow or Wide Flat Stock
    • Instruction Manual