• RAMS-2051 5x10 Plasma Table

    $36,995.00 $36,000.00

    RAMS-2051 5x10 Plasma Table
    Optional Liner Cutter Available

    • Gantry & Rail Frame are CNC Machined out of 1/2" & 3/4" Mic 6 Tooling Plate
        & Custom Aluminum Extrusions 
    • Shop Data Software with full SMACNA Standards
    • Dual Drive NEMA 34 Motors 
    • Hypertherm PowerMax 45 Torch (Higher Amp Torches available)
    • 3 piece construction:
            • Fully Welded Base w/ Clean Out Door, also includes Ground Top Pads to Guarantee
             a level mounting surface 
            • Custom Extruded Rail & Rack Frame to ensure Squareness, Flatness & Parallelism to Gantry
            • Removable Slat Trays for Convenience of Clean up & Replacing Slats
    • Torch head is designed to float with Magnetic break away to avoid damage to torch head
        when part "tip ups" occur
    • Thomson hardened and ground linear guides on Rail Frame and Gantry 
    • Laptop Computer and Wireless Label Printer
    • 4 Position Down Draft Openings to ensure Maximum Ventilation
    • Custom Aluminum "Self Locking" Rotary Table Trays & Rotary Cutter for Liner (Optional)
    • 2 year Warranty,100% American Made