• Used Hossfeld No. 1 Bender With Tooling

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    Used Hossfeld No. 1 Bender With Tooling        

    List of dies included with the Hossfeld bender  1 1/2” cam die,1 3/4”&2”cam die,v groved roller, square block, 1 1/4”pipe die,3/4”&1”, pipe die1/4”,3/8”,&1/2”,bending dog,flat head pin,offset pin,yoke,2 thumb nuts, sliding gauge, sharp square bending block,circle gauge, inbend master die casting, 9” radius block with arms prongs and pins. Outbend master die, 4”,5”,6” radius block, 9” radius block,4&5” inner radius block,6&9” inner radius block. Bulldozer center pin,casting,and wrist pin. 80-2 back block,#4 form die,and extension handle.                   DD

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